Ask for the Moon – Media Release

“Action Every Minute! Tension Every Hour!” a slogan on Shaw Brothers Studios’ The Invincible Fist trailer promises. Shaw Brothers’ kung fu movies were lavish action-packed spectacles, but the story of their making is also epic, and one of twists and turns.

“An Adventure in A Million!” (The Golden Swallow)

In the 1960s, Hong Kong based Shaw Brothers Studios revolutionised martial arts filmmaking. Movie mogul Sir Run Run Shaw developed a production model to churn out handsome blockbusters quickly and cheaply. An assembly line approach kept his filmmakers busy – they made over 1000 films in two decades – but access to an extraordinary pool of resources meant they could “ask for the moon”. This book is a case study exploring how a brilliant, driven entrepreneur and his audaciously creative filmmakers conducted a bold experiment in business and movie-making innovation.

“A Result of Intensive Research” (Five Element Ninjas), Ask for the Moon will provide “An Unusual and Dramatic Tale” (Golden Swallow) for chop socky tragics, pop culture aficionados, and students of business model innovation alike.


“Female Knight’s Exciting Exploits!” (Come Drink with Me)

Author Meredith Lewis has more than 30 years’ experience as a performer, choreographer, trainer, events manager, and project manager in the arts, tertiary, and community sectors. In writing this book she has drawn on her experiences of working with creative teams to produce innovative content, and a long-standing passion for martial arts movies, which she has been writing about for the last 10 years.

“Don’t Miss It!” (Executioners from Shaolin)