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I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading the book – you’ve done a great job in analysing the work of some of my favourite directors at the studio, as well as injected personality into your writing, which makes it refreshing to read. ~ Ben Johnson, Kung Fu Movie Guide

I had no idea of the sheer size and sophistication of the Shaw Brothers Studio. How exciting would it have been to be working in that environment? Truth be told, when I think about Kung Fu movies, I think about Bruce Lee and the movies I used to watch as a kid growing up with a brother who spent years learning the martial art. However, I never appreciated them as an art form other than just entertainment. Now having read Meredith’s book, I have more of an appreciation of how they were made and in particular, within an environment that was highly constrained. This is a great case study about how creativity can be inspired within the most controlled environments. ~ Helen Blunden, Activate Learn

Enjoying it immensely. It’s a breezy read and gives you the urge to watch some Shaw Brothers again ~ @pod_hard

The book is a wonderful read. ~ Brendan Davis, Bedrock Games

I finished your book and really enjoyed it! There was a lot about the studio and processes I didn’t know before. It also inspired me to watch some Chor Yuen films, which I’ve loved. I’m now also looking for that yellow carpet everywhere! ~ Simon Brand

I was surprised and intrigued to find out there is much much more to kung fu movies than I had assumed. ~ Dr. Louise Greenstock

It’s a subject I know nothing about and it’s a genuinely interesting subject all by itself so I am immediately pulled in to the world of chop sockey. Lots of interesting details about the genre itself and individual movies which I like and the characters I’m reading about are all interesting. Well written too and a pleasure to read. Got me thinking about investigating this genre as a film viewer. ~Matthew Lambert

An insightful consideration of creativity, innovation and organisational culture! It’s awesome. I really enjoyed it. Such wonderful scholarship mixed with a brilliantly accessible writing style. Peppered with great insights. Loved the illustrations too! Great complement to the writing. ~ Dr. Alexia Maddox

It is obvious that you have done an enormous amount of research and work. ~ Paul Blackman

An entertaining read. I found the style engaging and enjoyed your personal presence. A pleasure to read. ~ Dianna Tarr

Your chapters are full of interesting detail, much of it I suspect not widely known. The history unfolds really well and the reader is drawn into your views. Furthermore, your writer’s voice is wonderfully clear. ~ Robin Stewart

While I know basically nothing of this area, it was very easy to read and I felt that I easily learnt about years’ worth of complex dynamics through a short read. ~ Dr. Sophie Vasiliadis

I enjoyed the storytelling, and obviously you gave me lots to think about, testing my assumptions about innovation and business models. ~ Margaret Ruwoldt